We cater to all kinds of construction companies offering unique builder financing programs to meet all your needs. Whether you are a big scale builder constructing hundreds of homes a year, or a home builder specializing in customized construction, or a small builder just starting out, our construction loans are well designed to suit your requirements.

We offer financing to the builder on both pre-sold and speculative basis. And to add to that, no front end fees or back end fees are charged. Cancellation fees are waived with certain mortgages plans. We also offer competitive construction rates and flexible draw schedules.

Our mortgage programs also allow you to receive funds on each home as construction proceeds. Advances are available to you at each stage of construction:

Lock-up – 35% to 55% complete
Drywall – approximately 75% complete
Completion – 100% complete
*additional draws may be available with approval

Marks and Associates Commercial Loans